Fylde District 100 Club


Fylde District Scout Council run a “100 Club” as a monthly raffle / fundraiser to raise funds for Scouting in the district. The 100 Club year runs from June to May and each number costs just £12 for the year. Each month a draw takes place for £10 and 2 for £5. There is an additional draw in December for £100.

How to become a member

To become a member of the 100 Club please contact Graham Cardwell


  1. The club shall be known as the “100 Club” although there will be no limit on the numbers of members.
  2. Each member may hold as many numbers as they require.
  3. All subscriptions must be paid in advance yearly on 1st June. This can be paid by cash, a cheque made payable to “Fylde District Scout Council 100 Club”, or by using a Standing order mandate which can be supplied by Graham.
  4. All members must be over the age of 18 years.
  5. One prize of £10 and two prizes of £5 will be drawn each month. An additional prize of £100 will be drawn in December.
  6. Prize money will be paid out only to fully paid-up members.
  7. The money raised by the “100 club” will be used to benefit Scouting in the Fylde District.
  8. The list of numbers of the prizewinners will be published in the annual report.
  9. A receipt will be issued showing the allocated numbers and the renewal date of the subscription.