Camp Fire Circle

Camp Fire Circle

Renovated in Spring 2012 our camp fire circle offers the perfect setting for your backwoods cooking, fire lighting, or evening camp fire.

We do try to keep a good supply of firewood on site but we can’t guarantee it. This is located next to the camp fire circle, however it is not covered, so if it has been raining the wood will be wet. We ask users of the camp fire circle to respect the wood stocks and only use what you require. Always try to leave some wood for use by other users of the site.

You will require your own fire lighting materials, matches etc.

Guests who are camping, or who are booked into our indoor accommodation also have access to the camp fire circle throughout their stay, and are expected to liaise with any other groups on site regarding its use. Bookings for these can be seen on the General Site Calendar below.


Fylde District
Scouts / Guides
Other Districts
Scouts / Guides
Corporate / Other
Use of Field &/or Camp fire (per session).
(Woodland times to be booked separately)
£10 £25 £25