Our activity barn is the perfect place to travel back in time and pick up a bow and arrow to experience old fashioned target shooting. Will you hit Gold?

Archery sessions take place in our indoor activity barn. Bookings for archery include use of our equipment, including arrows, left and right handed bows, both small and large as well as 3 archery boss’s (targets). We have enough equipment to accommodate a maximum of 6 people shooting at any one time, with 2 groups of 6 rotating we can accommodate 12 people per session.

This activity can be run self-help in accordance with Scouts P.O.R. Rule 9.36 or we can provide instructors from volunteers within our district*. Only bows with a draw weight up to 22lbs can be used on the Fylde District Scouts Archery Range.

Information on running Archery as a Scouts Activity can be found in Scouts Factsheet FS120406.

Why not enquire about running a programme of archery sessions for your Scouts to gain their Master at Arms Activity Badge.



* Please Note that bookings requiring the use of our own instructors are subject to the availability of the volunteer instructors.


Fylde District
Scouts / Guides 
Other Districts
Scouts / Guides 
Corporate / Other 
Own Instructors (per 1.5 hour session)  £30  £37.5  £45

The calendar below shows bookings for the activity barn / archery only.