Activity Leaders Info

Many of the Activities available at Fylde Scout Activity Centre can be run on a ‘self-led’ basis, where a responsible adult from your team runs the activity, using our equipment and adhering to our rules. This makes our activities significantly more affordable than a fully instructor-led model. Some Activities, however, require specific skills and knowledge. In these cases, there are usually two options: your group sources a leader with the appropriate skills and a qualification that is recognised by us, or we provide you with a qualified instructor from our Team.

Activity Leader’s Qualifications

To ensure that your Leaders have the appropriate qualifications and/or experience to lead the activities that you want to book on a self-led basis, please check the Qualification Matrix. If you cannot provide the instruction yourselves then please contact us to see if we can arrange an Instructor for you.

Major Activity Risk Assessments

We are currently working on a document that covers all our major activities, that you will be able to view and copy these Risk Assessments. For any other activities that you have planned, you will need to complete your own risk assessments.

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