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Fylde Climbing Course 2018

6 April 2018

Fylde District is planning to run a climbing course for Explorers and Adult members with the following objectives:-

  • To get artificial wall top rope climbing permits for all attendees.
  • To complete the requirements of the Climber Activity Badge for all Explorer Scouts.
  • To introduce all attendees to climbing on real crags and/or quarries.
  • To satisfy the requirements for Bronze DofE Physical for those Explorers who are interested.

The course will run in 2 blocks of nominally 6 weeks each.

The first block will be based at the climbing wall at DHQ and will focus on basic skills and satisfy the requirements of a Scout top rope / artificial wall permit. These sessions will run for 2 hours or so on a Wednesday night, starting at 19:00. The date of the first session is yet to be decided. These sessions will be run entirely by Fylde instructors.

The second block will run on Saturday or Sunday mornings at local crags (probably Denham, Anglezarke, Wilton). Each session will run for 3 or 4 hours and will be subject to the weather being suitable – climbing in the rain is strictly for the hardened and desperate. These sessions will depend on the availability of County instructors. The sessions may only be offered to parts of the course if we cannot corral sufficient instructors, but, my plan is that everyone will be offered at least 3 of these outdoor sessions.

The course can accommodate up to 12 attendees and in order to meet all the objectives, the attendees would have to attend all the sessions offered.

At present the course fee is set at £5 per session, to cover hire of the climbing wall or transport to a crag. I will investigate options for subsidising the cost to reduce this fee.
Dates for the first block of sessions will be notified once I know how many people are interested.

Please let me (Dave Parker) know if you are interested in this course.

I intend to make separate arrangements for re-assessment of lapsed permit holders for new permits.