Nights Away Notification

This form provides the information a Commissioner requires to APPROVE an event to take place (i.e. POR 9.1b/9.1c). The Permit holder is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate Commissioner is informed about each Colony, Pack, Troop, or Unit attending a nights away event (even a District or County event).

For all Nights Away experiences all of the information below should be with your District Commissioner (or appointee) SEVEN days before the event (in normal circumstances).

This form is aligned to FORM NAN Jan/15 Edition no 6

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Please check the Prohibited and Restricted Areas Camping Directory to ensure your site does not fall within a restricted area.

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On selecting the 'Submit Form' button below, a Nights Away Notification email containing the data that you have entered above will be sent to the DC, Deputy DC, and the relevant GSL and ADC. A copy will also be sent to the email address provided above in 'Your Contact Details' so that you have a record of the data submitted. In due course you will be contacted by your District Commissioner. If you do not have contact from the DC within 48 hours of submitting this form then please email them directly.