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This section of the site is for leaders and adult volunteers within the district. Some sections of the site are only accessible to logged in users.

If there’s something you would like to see on this site please contact Sam Stones via the Contact Form.

The new Fylde Scout Activity Centre facilities booking and management system allows us to:

  • Promote the facilities available at the Activity Centre to the outside world – Visitors to our site can see the facilities available at a glance, with photos of all our main facilities.
  • See availability of the site facilities – At a glance you can see what is booked and when, allowing you to plan your own activities with ease.
  • Allow centralised booking of facilities and activities – With just one place for bookings we’ll avoid confusion over who’s booked in where and when, no more double entry systems or filling in wall charts.
  • Request activity instructors and manages their responses for Climbing, Shooting, Archery etc – When a booking is made that requires activity instructors to be provided from within the district the qualified instructors can be invited to the event with the click of a mouse, each instructor can then respond to the invite with a “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe”. This will allow the activities co-ordinator to manage instructors across all upcoming events.
  • Reminders via Text Message & Email – Activity Instructors, Duty Wardens etc can all receive email and SMS text reminders about upcoming events – all free of charge.
  • List upcoming events at Fylde Scout Activity Centre such as open days & district sectional meetingsDistrict Leaders can book their next meeting in the meeting room, invite all the leaders from their section and have the details emailed to them automatically all with a few clicks of the button.
  • View the information relevant to YOU on your PC, Smart Phone or Tablet – Each facility has its own “Google Calendar” allowing you to subscribe to the calendars that interest you – Got a Climbing Permit? Then subscribe to the Climbing Wall calendar so you can see when it’s in use and when you can help! Duty Warden? Subscribe to the wardens calendar and see who’s using the site and when.

User Registration

Once you have registered on the site you will have access to the password protected sections of the web site. Simply login and these password protected pages will be accessible to you.

If you are a designated sectional representative and require permissions to edit and create news articles please use the Contact Us form to request permission. If you create a post such as a news article for the site the bottom of the news article will show a little snippet about you. This information is taken from your profile on the site which you can edit yourself. To keep the same look and feel across the site please write your information in the 3rd person, see Sam Stones profile so feel free to write something about yourself.
The image next to the profile information is taken from gravatar.com , if you go to www.gravatar.com and sign up using the same email address that you used to register on the fylde web site you can then upload a photo. This image is then used on your fylde scouts profile. Please avoid using portrait type photos of yourself in uniform for this bit. Ideally an image of you doing something “scouty” if at all possible.